OUR VISIONS is to tell the ongoing story of Australia's earliest human habitation. This is first and foremost a story of Aboriginal cultural heritage which we aim to research, promote and preserve as a legacy for all Australians

50,000 years of Aboriginal occupation in Kimberley

A site in the remote northern Kimberley region with evidence of an early axe production industry has shed new light on early Aboriginal occupation in Australia.  

A team of archaeologists led by The University of Western Australia, in partnership with Traditional Owners, has discovered that the remote Drysdale River catchment in Western Australia’s northern Kimberley region has one of the earliest and securely dated sites for Aboriginal occupation in the North West at 50,000 years ago. The site also has evidence for Aboriginal occupation during a cold and dry peak at the height of the Ice Age at 19,000 years ago when conditions were very different.


What we do and why we do it

We fund and promote research of indigenous rock art and Australia’s globally important human and environmental history. It is the scientific evidence of 55,000+ years of continuous, unbroken Indigenous occupation that compels the research.

Our impact

  • Aboriginal people are involved in field research and training and supported to be on country
  • A broad range of scientists from the fields of archaeology, geology, palynology, climatology, geochemistry and related areas are funded to undertake integrated scientific research in partnership with Aboriginal communities
  • New young scientists are encouraged into these fields of research.
  • Research outcomes are promoted to enable the broadest possible appreciation of the national and international significance of rock art and Australia’s story
  • Australia’s indigenous cultural legacy and the deep history of Australia’s indigenous past is gradually being accepted and recognised by all Australians and throughout the world
  • The rock art is internationally recognised for its significance and preserved and protected accordingly.

Kimberley Rock Art

Kimberley rock art is probably one of the earliest and largest concentrations of figurative art surviving anywhere in the world. It may prove to be as old as the rock art found in the caves of Spain and France, examples of which are considered to the world’s oldest representation of human artistic expression and culture. Learn More

Rock Art Research

We support a broad range of scientists from the fields of archaeology, geology, palynology and related areas who work with Aboriginal communities to uncover Australia’s earliest settlement history. Learn More

We are making a difference

KFA is driving public appreciation of the art and its significance while ensuring the scientific research that will show us how to preserve the art is undertaken. The impact of the research has the potential to rewrite history. Learn More

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