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Burrup Penninsula rock art

Scientific error written in stone.  Errors at heart of CSIRO advice could threaten 30,000 years of art history article by Marcus Strom Sunday Age 12/2/17  Read more.

Rock art cave replica has 600,000+ visitors in 6 months


Peter Veth accompanied the Director of UWAs Centre for Rock Art Research+Management, Jo McDonald, to France in February this year. Peter and Jo made a number of visits to key Paleolithic sites, including Chauvet, where they were hosted at the Ministerial level by Dr Geneviève Pinçon, Director of the Ministry of Culture and Communications. They

The French are coming


The Australian Research Council KFA-sponsored Kimberley Visions project has an impressive team of French researchers participating in field trips to the Kimberley during July and August this year. They are world leading French geomorphologist Jean-Jacques Delannoy and renowned archaeologist Jean-Michele Geneste. Delannoy is at the Université de Savoie and is Director of the research laboratory

KIMBERLEY ROCK ART: A World Treasure (film)


Kimberley rock art is one the largest figurative bodies of art to survive anywhere on the planet…. and yet so little is known about it. The Kimberley Foundation Australia is about to change that. The Foundation is sponsoring a world-class team of scientists to date the rock art.  

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