Our Vision

Our Vision is to tell the ongoing story of Australia’s earliest human habitation.  This is first and foremost a story of Aboriginal cultural heritage which we aim to research, promote and preserve as a legacy for all Australians.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable this story to be told by fostering scientific research into rock art and its place in the global narrative of human origins, culture and development.  We do this in partnership with Aboriginal Australians.

KFA raises and allocates funds with the following aims:

  • To foster scientific research into the rock art and its chronological, cultural, ecological and climatic contexts;
  • To collaborate and share knowledge with Indigenous groups, the public, academic institutions, and museums;
  • To actively promote research outcomes to ensure the broadest possible appreciation of the national and international significance of Kimberley rock art;
  • To encourage protection and preservation of Kimberley rock art;
  • To closely involve local Indigenous people in field research and training;
  • To encourage new young scientists into these fields of research.

What we value

We value the cultural connection Aboriginal people have with their country. We value the partnerships we have with Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley and we extend our gratitude to those communities who partner with us in our research.

We respect the sensitivity of Aboriginal people to their cultural beliefs and the priority of the Traditional Owners to pass on their cultural story and keep their culture strong. We value their insight, cultural perspective and collaboration.

We foster engagement with country and culture and recognise the importance of traditional knowledge and support the presentation of it alongside the scientific.



TO Trinity Unhango,  Rock Art Dating 2019
Photo Credit: BAC
& KFA. Photo: Pauline Heaney

Australia's best kept secrets lie buried in the magnificent Kimberley. Thank you Kimberley Foundation for your tireless work to unlock the secrets of these ancient rock art galleries through your support for scientific research, and to share them with the rest of the world.
Mark and Anne Robertson
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