It is through the support, interest and generosity of many collaborators, individuals, trusts and foundations that the Kimberley Foundation Australia can continue investing in meaningful research across the Kimberley region.

Together, we are unlocking Australia’s past to tell the story that lies behind the Kimberley’s ancient rock art.  We gratefully acknowledge and thank our contributors.

KFA Patrons:  Andrew & Nicola Forrest

Andrew and Nicola Forrest are philanthropic leaders and strong community and arts supporters.  They believe a collaborative approach encompassing the arts, education and health is essential to build sustainable empowerment in individuals and communities.  They are passionate about the Kimberley’s rock artand support KFA’s goals to research and protect it.  Nicola is CEO of the Minderoo Foundation which she and Andrew established in 2001.

Founding Supporter:  The Ian Potter Foundation

Current Support Partners:  The Ian Potter Foundation, Allens Linklaters, Dunkeld Pastoral, The Freedman Foundation, INPEX, KPMG, Minderoo, Virgin Australia, Voyager Estate, Westpac

Kimberley Foundation Ian Potter Chair in Rock Art:
The Ian Potter Foundation
Kimberley Foundation Australia
University of Western Australia

Rock Art Dating:
Australian Research Council
Kimberley Foundation Australia
The Freedman Foundation, Brenda Shanhan Charitable Foundation, John Calvert-Jones, Rob Woods, Michael Noonan, Lansdowne Foundation, Darry Mack & Helen Taylor, Karen Barrymore, Pay It Forward Foundation, Helen Bunning, Erica Smyth, Saturday Squash Club
Kimberley Visions;
Australian Research Council
Kimberley Foundation Australia
Lansdowne Foundation, Christina Kennedy, The Freedman Foundation, Michael Noonan, Rob Woods, The Calvert-Jones Foundation, Sunraysia Foundation, Darryl Mack & Helen Taylor, Erica Smyth, Karren Barrymore, Pay It Forward Foundation, Saturday Squash Club, Wright Burt Foundation

Special tribute is paid to:  Janet & John Calvert-Jones, Laurence & Kathy Freedman, John Higgins, Christina & Trevor Kennedy, Minderoo Foundation, Allan & Maria Myers, Brenda Shanahan Foundation, Sunraysia Foundation, Alex Tseng

Contributions for the past 5 years are acknowledged:

Rock Art Treasures >$50k
Helen Bunning, Colin Gageler, The Geoff & Helen Handbury Foundation, James McKenzie & Flavia Gobbo, Nicholas Moore, John & Jacqui Mullen, Scanlon Foundation, Schudmak Family Foundation

Rock Art Champions >$15k
Azure Capital, Bamford Family Foundation, Anita Luca Belgiorno-Nettis Foundation, Laurie Brereton, Leigh & Sue Clifford, Paul & Didi Downie, Tim Fairfax, Finkel Foundation, Charles & Cornelia Goode Foundation, Ginny & Leslie Green, Tony Grist, Neil Jens, Keith & Maureen Kerridge, Macquarie Group Foundation, Pamela & David McKee, Mordant Investments, Ian Pagent, John Sharpe, Deidre Willmott, Woods Foundation, Jason Yeap

Rock Art Jewels >$10k
Annamila Fund, Balnaves Foundation, John Boyd, Campbell Foundation, Maurice & Tess Crotti, Adrian & Michaela Fini, John Funder, Alex & Tania Gregg, Guthrie Family Charitable Trust, Michael Heintz, Wal King, Victor & Barbara Mulder, Baillieu & Sarah Myer, Henric Nicholas, Parncutt Family Foundation, San Remo Investments

Rock Art Gems > $5k
John Bate, Bruce Cameron, Terry & Christine Campbell, Caroline Cornish, CMV Group Foundation, Derek Denton, John Downer, Ian & Ruth Gough, Steven Gregg, Nicholas Hasluck, Warwick Hemsley, Robert & Annabel Hill-Smith, Peter Holbeach, Vicki Jones, Alison Leslie, Michael Lishman, Anthony & Annette Meikle Trust, Diana Morgan, Baillieu Myer, Mark Nelson, Minny Nicholas, Michael Noonan, PIMCO, John Poynton, Mark & Anne Robertson, Stuart Tait, The Rossi Foundation, Rob Thomas, Ewen Tyler, Bill & Sue Weir

Rock Art Supporters >$2k
Susan Armitage, Gaysie Atkinson, Philip Bacon, Baden Charity, Berg Family Foundation, Geoffrey Blainey, Bruce Bonyhady, Susan Bradley, Malcolm Broomhead, Margaret & Christopher Burrell, Libby & Nick Callinan, Michael Cohn, Sharon Cowin, Laurie & Julie Ann Cox, James Darling, Margaret Flatman, Flynn Silver, Lee Fontanini, Donald Forrest, Future Kids, Ros Gleadow, Glenholme Foundation, Alan & Rachel Goldberg, John & Jo Grigg, Chris Harris, Peter Hart, Bryan Hayden, Robert Johanson, Thomas Kay, David & Megan Laidlaw, Carolyn Larcombe, Elizabeth Laverty, Harold Loton, Patricia Kailis, Elizabeth Kelly, Peter & Sarah Martin, Joan Masterman, Eve McGlashan, Gillian Meecham, Bill Middleton, Hugh Morgan, Lynton & Susan Morgan, Colin & Carol Nettelbeck, Norton Gledhill, Peter O’Callaghan, John & Geraldine O’Sullivan, Ronald Packer, Margaret Reid, John Rose, Joseph Santamaria, Paul & Margarita Schneider, Erica Smyth, Diana Snape, Springboard Endowment, Garry & Robin Spry, James Syme, John Wade, Gwenyth & Stewart Wallis, Ellen Waugh, Wavish Family Trust, Michael & Marion Webster, Robert Whyte, Ross Wilkie, Lyn Williams

Rock Art Followers $200<$2k  Contributions for 2016/17 & 2017/18 Financial year: 
John Adeney, Anna Affleck, Piers & Suzanne Akerman, Charles Alexander, Arthur Family Foundation, Thomas Atkinson & Jess Boyd, Sybil Baillieu, Philippe Batters, Michael & Judy Begg, Cas Bennetto, Kenneth Biddick, Penelope Blazey, David Bradley, Jacqueline Bradshaw, Primrose Bright, Margaret Bullen, Peter Carlisle, Sir Roderick Carnegie, Laurie Cogger, Mela Cooke, Amanda Coombs, Roseanne Cunningham, Bruce Cutts, Bruce & Pat Davis, Maroc D’Orsogna, Michael Elligate, Edward & Fran Exell, Susan Gamble, Margaret Hegarty, Kieran Hennelly, Deb Holt, Patrick Holt, Sandy Honey, David Isaac, George Kass, Suzanne Kent, James Kimpton, Anne Latreille, Mike Lisle-Williams, Hamish McGlashan, Bruce McGregor, Jacquie McPhee, Gillian Meecham, Angela Mercer, Baillieu Myer, Anne & Murray Neil, Marylyn New, Stephen O’Brien, Ronald Packer, Joy Pegler, Julien Playoust, Peg Randell, Susan Renouf, Jennifer Rolland, Chris Schlipalius, Tim Sherwood, Mary Louise Simpson, David Smithers, Maria Stafford, Tom & Anne Stephens, Rosemary Strawson, Jill Thorpe, Sue & Paul Tracey, Claudio Vita-Fitzi, Richard Walsh, Sally Warriner, Tania Whyte, Sara Wordsworth, Maria Yakimov

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